余岚 / Lan Yu


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Fashion Design Major

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design

Lan Yu was born in Zhou Shan Archipelago, which belongs to the Zhejiang province in the east of China, in 1986. She came to New Zealand as an international student in 2002 and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Lan has always been interested in fashion. Her mother is a fashion business woman, who has inspired her a lot. However, she studied economics and mathematics at school in China and New Zealand, not fashion. Lan started with the Whitecliffe Foundation Certificate in Arts and Design after graduated from Auckland Girls Grammar school in 2005. 2009 is her final year of a Bachelors degree majoring in fashion design at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

Work Experience

2011 COOME (Bag. Age15-30)
CIGAMAN (Men's wear. Age 35-45)

2010 CIGAMAN (Men's wear)
CUE (Women's wear. Age 30-45)
ISBIM (Men & Women's wear. Age 18-28)
Random (Women's wear. Age 40+)
Bettie Monroe (Women's wear. Age 20-40)
SAKS Newmarket
Auckland Fashion Festival

2009 SAKS Newmarket
Tara Cunniffe internship
Bettie Monroe internship
Beth Ellery internship
Wedding dress project
Fashion show assistant.
Dressing for Gucci NZ store shows, Yvonne Bennetti, Cybele and Air New Zealand fashion week shows.

2009-2008 In Charge of family fashion business in China during the college holidays.

2008-2006 Zambesi internship
Dressing for Liz Mitchell, Kate Sylvester and Yvonne Bennetti shows and Air New Zealand fashion week.
Helping to run my mother's fashion company in China.

Exhibition History

2010 03 iD Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards Show

2009 11 Whitecliffe Fashion Show

2009 09 Behind The Seams Whitecliffe Fashion students’ exhibition.

2009 09 Crossover website launch exhibition

2009 06 Whitecliffe Year 4 Fashion window display project

2008 11 Whitecliffe Fashion Show

2008 10 Whitecliffe Fashion Parnell Exhibition

2007 11 Whitecliffe Fashion Show

Awards and Media coverage

Finalist of iD Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards
In total, 28 finalists from more than 120 entries from 19 countries.
TV One News Auckland based emerging fashion designer Story
Coup de main magazine interview
iD Dunedin Fashion Week website news
Designer Direction website news

Top student graduate

First prize: Whitecliffe Fashion Design
Second prize: Whitecliffe Year 4 Fashion Window Display Project
Second prize: Catwalk Dressing in PLUSH Competition
Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design Prospectus 2010-11
New Zealand Herald: An article about Window Display Project featured
Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design TV Ads.
Designer Direction website news about my collection in Whitecliffe annual fashion show and Newmarket Window Display Project

Member of Crossover creative

Video and images of Whitecliffe College 2008 and 2009 Fashion shows

YouTube. Lan Yu 2009 Fashion show


  • Arts and Fashion Design.


  • Fashion design and Marketing